British Council

We worked with The British Council to create a set of Academic and Examination ‘Study Skills’ supplements to accompany the launch of their Upper Secondary Plus magazines. We established a design route that has strong visual links to the core materials, while at the same time having a clear identity of its own. The result was a supplement that slotted seamlessly into the main product whilst being identifiable to the reader as the ‘Study Skills’ section. Once the design was finalised we then rolled it out across 60 modules, creating the page layouts for each component.

blooberry-design-british-council-publishing open book blooberry-design-british-council-publishing asian girl working through book
blooberry-design-british-council-covers blooberry-design-british-council-publishing open spread
blooberry-design-british-council-publishing back cover blooberry-design-british-council-publishing supplements