European Cancer Patient Coalition

The European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC) is the largest cancer patients association in Europe. They represent people affected by all types of cancers. We were invited to present at ECPC’s head office in Brussels and were delighted to be awarded the pitch for their rebrand, web design and development.

Following several planning sessions we helped ECPC reinvent their website architecture and content plan. We then undertook full project scoping, planning, wireframing, rebranding, website concept design, development and content population.

For ECPC’s new brand we developed a contemporary brand identity which combines a simple, modern sans serif typeface with a striking abstract ribbon brand stamp. The existing colour palette was enhanced by brightening up the blue tones and introducing a fresh green and soft grey.

Our website concept was designed in a structured style, using full width imagery and clear content blocks. Resulting in a modular structure giving the ECPC team the ability to present complex information in a striking and easy-to-read way. They also have the flexibility to edit and add content with ease. Development also included the creation of multi-lingual options, complex databases, e-modules and extensive downloadable materials.

You can check out the website here.

ECPC logo ECPC website on laptop
ECPC home page website on different screens
ECPC website on ipad ECPC website screens on iphone
ECPC website screen on iphone ECPC website screen on ipad