Fight Bladder Cancer

We developed an overarching brand and suite of design features to move the existing Fight Bladder Cancer (FBC) brand forward and raise their profile in the charity sector. From the new vibrant colour palette to the design of hand-drawn characters to soften the tone, the result was an approachable yet dynamic brand and responsive website complete with online shop.

Finally, we tackled the everyday items the charity needed, from downloadable information leaflets, fundraising packs, social media images and exhibition panels to a range of promotional items including T-shirts. As a result, they’ve seen even more visits to the website, massive growth in requests for support and information leaflets and the FIGHT magazine has been widely applauded by patients and clinicians alike.

blooberry-design-Fight bladder cancer magazine covers blooberry-design-Fight bladder cancer magazine covers.2
blooberry-design-Fight bladder cancer magazine for print spread.3 blooberry-design-Fight bladder cancer magazine for print spread
blooberry-design-fight bladder cancer website shop blooberry-design-fight bladder cancer website
FBC download covers
“Blooberry’s work on our identity and website has completely revolutionised the charity. Their expertise, along with their constant support, has been integral in our growth to the well-recognised, international charity we are today. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”
blooberry-design-fight bladder cancer banners print
blooberry-design-fight bladder cancer report and accounts print blooberry-design-fight bladder cancer bookshop branding
blooberry-design-fight bladder cancer guardian advert blooberry-design-Fight bladder cancer branded cups and loyalty card